Are you a YouTube user wondering how to get more subscribers? Having a significant number of subscribers on your YouTube channel plays a vital role in your career. Whether you are hosting a page for educative, fun, inspirational, live music recordings, fitness reasons, or any other reason, getting more YouTube subscribers is a crucial step.

As a goal-oriented YouTuber, it’s advisable to try all means available to get more subscribers on your YouTube channel. Apart from buying subscribers, you may increase your number through the following ways;

1. Publish 10+ Minutes Videos

Many YouTube hosts ignore this tip. However, it brings a positive impact on your channel’s subscribers. Using this technique will rank your videos better in the search results. A video with 10+ minutes will appear in the top 5 YouTube search results, while any video below 10minutes may not be on the list.

2. Apply Power Playlists

This method is yet another way to get more subscribers. These power playlists are ordinary. The only difference is they are better. While most playlists load by topics, the power playlists appear based on outcomes.

3. Don’t Focus on Quantity – Consider Quality

Always remember this piece of advice because it’s a game-changer. Publishing more videos does not mean that you’ll get more subscribers. Decide on producing quality content for the platform’s users.

Pouring your heart into every content you publish gets you more YouTube subscribers. An excellent video is better than many low-quality videos that won’t bring you likes, subscribers, and views. Therefore, concentrate on Quality rather than quantity.

4. Endorse Videos in Your End Screen

Once you realize that people will likely subscribe to your videos when they watch more of your content, you’ll never stop directing them to other great videos they might have missed. Are you wondering how to make people watch your ten videos?

Here is how. As you present your current content, remember to promote your other video on your end screen. It should appear as “next video.”

When viewers see this after watching a great piece from you, they’ll be curious about what you have next. Alternatively, include your next video in your last presentation, which will also lure viewers into watching.

5. Reply to Comments

Nothing will make your potential subscribers happy like reading your reply. Whether it was a negative or a positive comment, ensure to reply. It will cause viewers to subscribe because of the feeling of importance you planted into them.

Imagine a YouTube user who keeps commenting on every video of a particular channel but never replies. Then, you comment on another video from a different YouTuber, and the host replies to your comment warmly. Would you go back to your previous YouTuber?

6. Write a Persuasive Channel Description

You may not know it, but your YouTube channel description is a significant part of earning you, subscribers. When it comes to video SEO, do your best to leave a viewer with no other choice but to subscribe to your channel.

Instead of writing a bland description of your channel and yourself, be unique, and write down a special message. Your report should attract potential subscribers. Remember to include the following in your description.

  • Talk about what the channel is all about.
  • Give essential details on the channel, including upload schedule, etc.
  • Include a call to action for viewers to subscribe.

7. Optimize Your YouTube Channel Page

Two possible things can happen when viewers visit your YouTube channel page;

  • They may end up subscribing to watch more videos and follow up on your posts.
  • Or, they may leave immediately.

Put more effort to build your page to keep it professional and exciting. If you don’t know how to do it, get help from skilled personnel, and add great art to your page. Always remember that your page represents who you are. Therefore, it would be best if you took a step to make your viewers want to connect with you.


Once you get more subscribers, don’t stop your game. Keep applying more tips to have a significant number of followers on your channel. Buying more subscribers is okay if you are up to it. However, working hard to increase your subscriber’s number brings along many benefits.