The title sounds a bit too cliché, right? Well, if you knew just what the frameless shower screen entailed then I bet you would feel just as excited. Based on the fact that you are reading this, it would be a safe bet to say that you are looking to upgrade the level of your bathroom. Maybe add that one component that will bring the whole place together, the “centrepiece”.

The main point of a bathroom is to take your bath or shower in the comfort and privacy of your home. A bathroom is meant to make you relax. The most important part of the bathroom is irrevocably the shower and/or bathtub. This is where the awesome frameless shower screen comes in. What do we mean by “frameless” shower screen? Let us start at the top.

What is a Frameless Shower Screen?

The frameless shower screen is the latest and most advanced trend in bathroom shower screen facilities. Fun fact, the frameless shower screen blends into just about any bathroom. As long as you have the capacity for it, you can rest assured it is almost impossible to go wrong with the frameless shower screen.

The frameless shower screen is a typical shower screen but without all the metal edges. So it is an advanced form of the semi-frameless shower screen. The frameless shower screen has flawless well-seamed edges. The only metal parts of the frameless shower screen are the additional components (locks, curtain rails and others).

In recent years, the frameless shower screen has been a top choice for families and individuals looking to style up their bathroom space. The fact that it is entirely made of glass means that you do not have to worry about finding the perfect colour.

However, there are a variety of colours for additional metal components. These colours include black, chrome, rose gold and many more. The glasses could also be customised to meet your specific demands.

The differences in types of frameless shower screens rest in the general shapes and the “mode of operation” of the door. Based on the general shape, we have designs of frameless shower screens such as:

i. Diamond shaped frameless shower screens

ii. Curve shaped frameless shower screens

iii. Wall to wall frameless shower screens

iv. L shaped frameless shower screens

v. Custom shaped frameless shower screens (which are virtually endless in variety)

Based on “mode of operation” of door we have three major ones:

1. Sliding doors

2. Pivot doors

3. Foldable doors


Combine the different types of doors with the different shapes of the frameless shower screens and you will find that your options are relatively endless. So you do not have to worry about finding the perfect fit for your bathroom. Because trust us, we have it.

So take the leap today and enjoy the appeal of the frameless shower screen.