Huawei is no doubt, one of the leading tech companies in the world as of this generation. They may have hurdles, ups and downs from the past few years in their company; they have successfully used these stumbling blocks to better the brand and compete with other tech giants.

From smartphones to software, the team has continuously found ways on how to improve the technology beyond our fingertip’s reach. Surely, nothing’s going to stop them from advancing now.

Huawei has recently launched its newest development to address faster and efficient file sharing, which is the – Huawei Share Kit. This cross-device file transfer solution emerged to discover nearby devices efficiently and authenticate connections that can set-up peer-to-peer WiFi channels.

Covers more device sharing
This new feature allows more devices instead of just Huawei smartphone to smartphone. You can now access and share files among your devices such as – android smartphones, PCs, cameras and other devices.

As the need increases to share data in an instant, Huawei felt the need to have information as accessible as ever while maintaining privacy information and putting your well-kept information away from fraudulent activities.

Faster Speed Transfer
The Share Kit boasts a fast and stable file transfer process of a speed that can exceed 80 Mbps. That sounds unreal, but Huawei made it happen. Before it takes too long to transfer files primarily via Bluetooth and that’s the reason why we cling on other applications to do the job.

With this latest improvement, this helps us tech users to save time and enjoy our sharing experience. There’s no need to worry anymore when you’re in a rush to share or transfer essential files from other devices.

Software’s Main Highlights
· Huawei device users and Android users can easily access the Share Kit via Huawei Share App.

· Enables users to transfer files as fast as a bolt, especially when integrated via Huawei Share App.

· Faster sharing from phone to PC

· Boasts a one-touch button for printing files from your phone

· Easy sharing of files from other devices back to your phone

· Has a back-up feature to protect large batches of files while sharing

· Supports sending large files fast and efficient

· Faster sharing of dashcam videos to your device and vice versa

· Supports sharing files from phone to your vehicle as easy as one touch.

Applied Reliable Core Technologies
To fully enjoy your experience with this new feature, Huawei applied the following improvements below:

· The app detects devices nearby with the use of in-house bidirectional device discovery technology, which saves your battery no matter how large the file you’re sharing.

· Authenticating passwords are now even made better through PAKE Password Authenticated Key Exchange Technology.

· The sharing transmission technologies have been improved as well by developing channel capability negotiation and actual channel adjustment.

To enjoy all these sharing benefits, download the Huawei Share App in your phone and start sharing files at work or with your families and friends.