Inflatable Kiddie Pools Are Not Just for Kids, How to Repurpose Your Inflatable Kiddie Pool?

Inflatable kiddie pools are a must-have in the summer when you have kids. They are an instant hit in the summer so your kids can cool down in the backyard when the summer heat becomes unbearable. But what happens when your kids have grown up and no longer use them?

No need to fret or throw them away. There are a lot of creative ways to still make use of your Kuoye inflatables. Here is a list of awesome ways to repurpose your inflatable kiddie pools:

Party cooler

The next time you have an outdoor party, take your inflatable kiddie pool and fill it with ice. This turns it into a party cooler. You can place all your drinks on it to make sure that they stay cold. This allows you to cool more drinks than a traditional cooler would.

Salad bar

You can fill your inflatable kiddie pool with ice and place your containers above it that holds different salads and dressings. You now have an instant salad bar that keeps everything cool for your backyard party or barbecue.

Dog pool

If your kids have outgrown their inflatable kiddie pool then why not give your dogs a treat and let them have it? Dogs get dehydrated in the summer too! Letting them have a dip in the kiddie pool will be a welcome treat.

Water balloon station

No one is too old for water balloons! You can turn the inflatable kiddie pool into a water balloon station where you can store the water-filled balloons. People will definitely have fun getting soaked in the summer with a water balloon fight.

Snowball station

Your inflatable kiddie pool can be used as a snowball station to store all snowballs for a snowball fight. This way, you can have pre-made snowballs in stock.

Container garden

If you have been wanting to have a traditional garden but you do not have an actual garden because your space is cemented, you can turn your inflatable kiddie pool into a container garden! All you have to do is fill it with garden soil and plant whatever you want. Make sure that there is some fence or parameter around the pool so that it will not deflate. This is a perfect solution for renters.

Turn it into a foot bath

When you have guests over, you can bring out the inflatable kiddie pool and make a foot bath. You can add essential oils to the water which will enhance the pleasure of dipping your feet.

Pool floater

You can also turn your inflatable kiddie pool into a floater when you have a bigger pool. These are for the days when you want to swim but are too lazy to lap around. You can just float around in the kiddie pool when you use it as a floater!

As you can see, your inflatable kiddie pool is not just limited to kids. You can still use them when the kids have outgrown them. No matter what method you choose to repurpose your inflatable kidding pool, rest assured that you are helping out the environment by not letting them end up in a landfill.