You may want to be a runner, but there are some basic things you need to know and the essentials you need to have. Running aids in a lot of ways- from building strong bones (largely because the exercise bears weight), maintains weight, enhances cardiovascular fitness, burns fat, and improves muscles.

People that run often find it difficult to store or place their phones, and leaving it at home isn’t an option most times. This is why every runner should have a waterproof fanny pack for phones. That way, they rid themselves of any worry concerning the phone, thereby enjoying every bit of their physical activity.

Need more essentials every runner should have? Not to worry. Here are some that will make your running experience a smooth and enjoyable one.

Shall we?

Must-Haves for Every Runner

1. Hydration gear

Everyone understands the great importance of hydration in our body.

When we run, we give off dead sweat, and water is lost from our body. Proper hydration prevents mouth dryness, enhances cardiovascular health, cleanses the skin, cools down the body, ensures that the muscles and joints work together, and cools down the body.

Therefore, to every runner, water is of the essence. Water is needed for human life to survive. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been running or how many miles you’ve covered. When the summertime comes, your body needs to replenish all that he has lost.

2. Spot Laundry Wash

This is highly underrated. Every runner should invest in the right spot laundry wash for his/her house. Running pieces of clothing tend to fade or get destroyed more due to their intense usage. To maintain the cloth’s longevity and strength, the right spot laundry wash should be used.

3. The right shoes

This is the fundamental of it all. You can’t dream of running anywhere without having the right shoes, not just shoes that are glamorous and pretty, but ones that she walked with well. When you use the right shoe, you feel comfortable, fast, and supported.

But with the wrong shoe, you begin to experience IT band pain, blisters, shin splits, and lots of other things.

There are so many guides and resources that guide your next shoe purchase, but the basic things you must know is that it must be your size and be extremely comfortable.

4. Running Jacket

The weather wouldn’t always be sunny. It can change in an instant without considering your training routine. You’d be met with surprise if the weather instantly changes when you’re already running.

Whether it’s sunny, rainy, or windy, a good running jacket will keep you covered. Most running jackets feel light, but they are waterproof or water-resistant, and can at least, protect you from the natural elements until you find shelter.

Also, they have breathable fabric material in the armpits and other high-sweat areas, and on the back for proper ventilation. Running jackets are great investments.

5. Running Partners

Why do you need running partners?

You need them, especially if you’re trying to develop a running habit. Running partners help you to stay on course and keeps you motivated.