Have you nursed the bad habit of cramming your books carelessly each time you see a spec in your multi-layer bookshelf? Then it’s probably time to learn how to organize your books correctly. Not only does organizing your books well on the bookshelf allow you to easily find them, but it also increases your eagerness to always read books.

The best thing about book organization is that it’s pretty simple to do, and doesn’t consume your time. In this article, you will find the top 5 ways to organize your books on a multi-layer bookshelf.

How to Store Your Books in a Multi-layer Bookshelf

1. By Subject or Genre

By subject or genre, you already know what this point is talking about. Do you have mystery, comedy, or travel memoirs in your book collection? You should group them accordingly.

The main reason why you should opt for this method is that it makes it easy for you to find the book that suits your current interest or mood. You don’t have to scamper through the thousands of books you have to gain access to the one that will satisfy your immediate curiosity.

2. Alphabetically

You should only try the alphabetical method of an organization if it’s easy for you to remember your books according to their titles, names of authors. If you have a large collection of books, such that it’s almost turning into a mini library, the alphabetical arrangement should also come in handy.

Organizing your bookshelf this way tends to give you a sense of accomplishment along the line. This also means that when your friends make a stop to borrow your books, they won’t find the process difficult to deal with.

 3. Color

Do you love to peg your stories with their book covers? Then you should try the color arrangement approach. It’s also ideal if you crave to make hold statements with your bookshelf.

The beautiful thing about implementing this method is that it makes you very creative. You can always have your colors attached in an ombre pattern; simply try out the rainbow pattern.

4. Stack the Books

First, you must understand that it’s quite obsolete to have your books packed in rows. That’s why you shouldn’t be scared of stacking your books. Doing this makes a huge number of your books stand out. You can either stack by:

  • Cover
  • Theme
  • Size

Ensure that each stack is kept on its own, or break up a row with them; you can hardly go wrong with stacking your books on the shelf.

5. Showcase the Front and Center of the Favorite Books

Everyone has books they cherish the most. While arranging your bookshelf, you must ensure that your favorite books aren’t paired up with others that you find less interesting. This will only help to water your time. What do you do? By displaying the front and center of these books; helps them to shine better.

Final Thoughts

That’s the basics of arranging your books on a bookshelf. If you have a problem with carrying out the methods mentioned in this guide, you can ask a friend to help you with it.