Modern crystal chandeliers are attractive, elegant, and stunning pieces of light fixtures. They can transform the look and feel of a room from simple to a stunning and elegant atmosphere. However, these modern crystal chandeliers are also not cheap to acquire. They cost hundreds of dollars. Therefore, proper maintenance is required as these chandeliers are an investment. Crystal chandelier maintenance is quite simple. This post will prove how simple it can be.

Tips for maintaining modern crystal chandeliers

Below are some effective tips to help you maintain your modern chandelier and keep it looking stunning and durable:

1. Clean your chandelier often

One of the most important ways to maintain your chandelier is by cleaning it. A typical chandelier must be cleaned at least once per year. However, it depends on the material. Some types of crystals require cleaning at least once every couple of months to maintain their appearance.

However, you do not need to wait a year to clean your chandelier. You can look out for signs like dullness and dustiness as common signs that you need to clean your chandelier. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that you must also practice proper cleaning. Here, you will need the following cleaning materials:

  • Ling-free pieces of clothes
  • A spray cleaning detergent
  • Ladder or step stool
  • Cloth gloves
  • And thick towels

Also, note that there are a couple of cleaning techniques for crystal chandeliers. It would help to understand how each method works and when you need to use it.

2. Do not twist or rotate the crystals while cleaning or dusting them

Another essential maintenance tip is not to twist or rotate the crystals during the cleaning procedure. Doing this could cause the crystals to break. It could also result in the chandelier loosening from its installation position. Thus, you will need to move around with a ladder or step stool to keep this from happening. Work from one part to the next while maintaining the position of the crystals.

3. Practice caution when moving and hanging back the crystals

It would also help to be very cautious when moving and hanging back the chandelier crystals during cleaning and maintenance. When cleaning modern crystal chandeliers, you may have to take down some of the crystals to access the frame. Note that most of the crystals used to make chandeliers are usually delicate. You do not want the crystals to break or get damaged during the process. Therefore, do not be in a hurry to get things done.

4. Take pictures or make a drawing of the crystal positions before taking them down

You may also benefit from recording the position of each crystal before taking it down during maintenance. Most modern crystal chandeliers feature intricate designs. Therefore, you may forget where each crystal goes, which may impact the fixture’s appearance and visual appeal. Thus the importance of this tip.

Final word

Each of the tips listed in this excerpt above will help you improve the durability of your chandelier. It will also help you maintain the shine and elegant appearance of your chandelier for a long time.