The installation of solar panels is gaining popularity to the extent that it is taking different peoples of the world by storm. Solar panels add value to your home. However, still many people avoid them because they consider it a challenging task.

The installation of a solar system is a nightmare if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about it. However, if you are a novice to the process, you can learn it in a short time. Once you install it and run it, you can add to the system foldable street lights by cmoonlight solar company. Their lights are of really high quality.

Consult a consultant

The first step is to fix an appointment with a consultant regarding the functionality of the process. The top reason to spend money on the consultation is that you will be able to avoid some costly mistakes that are imminent if you do it for the first time.

Consider the available space

Before you initiate the process of brainstorming, you must ponder upon how much space is available in your house. You can calculate the space by calculating how much electricity you are consuming. You can buy solar panels accordingly. The next step is to take care of the shade areas so that panels get maximum sun exposure. You should avoid the trees and shadow of a higher building.

Find a suitable place

The foremost thing is to find a suitable space for your solar system so that it remains safe. Your solar panels can be broken or damaged if they are placed in a spot where there is a danger of falling and breaking them. For example, an open space where there are big branches of trees hanging around. The breakage may happen due to a weak roof therefore you should check the durability before you install them. It is a good idea to invite an expert builder to examine the strength of the roof.


The best way to better maintain solar panels is to educate yourself on the functioning of solar systems. You can learn about the batteries, connections, and wiring of solar systems.

Monitoring apps

You can use monitoring apps for the solar system to calculate the energy that you produce daily. It will also show you how much electricity you have consumed over the day and overnight. It will also show the total amount of energy the unit has produced up until now since the day of installation.

A monitoring app will allow you to monitor the performance of the system. You will be able to identify if the system is working fine or not.

Clean it often

The last step is to maintain the proper cleaning of the solar panels. Occasionally, dirt will gather on the panels and affect their performance. If you clean the panels timely, you will see a visible rise in their efficiency. However, you should not use abrasive soap because it will scratch the surface of the panels and lower its capacity to generate electricity. You should outsource the cleaning process to a professional cleaner.