With the current increase in demand for face masks globally, it is imperative to know the appropriate and effective type of masks to use.  In the face of the widespread transmission of the Coronavirus, there has been a rise in diverse kinds of face masks with zero or little protection against this virus. However, respirators like the KN95 masks, which offer maximum protection for users is a suitable option to consider in combating pandemics such as this.

This article provides useful information about why the KN95 masks are the perfect respiratory devices to prevent contagious diseases such as the Corona.

Blockage of Small Particles

This respiratory device, on the minimum, provides a block against nothing less than 95% of minute particles like the 0.3-micron test particles; this particular size has proven difficult to capture. Still, the KN95 facial masks designed to cater to such particles; there’s 95% protection guaranteed for users globally against such, reason why they are called KN95 masks.


Designed to fit nicely on the face and also aid seamlessly natural breath of air, the KN95 masks provide a facial seal when worn. Devices like the half face and full face Respirators don’t come with features that allow for easy usage.

Two-Way Protection

The KN95 masks are designed with a double filter 3layer, which filters both the influx and outflux of air. This ensures that not only does it protect users against inhalation of air droplets, it also protects the exhaling of air droplets, which caters to both an infected and non-infected carrier of contagious diseases.


These masks are produced mainly in China, as they are of Chinese origin. These KN95 masks are readily available locally, internationally, and digitally as they come in handy upon demand. Due to their mass production and the efficient export system of the Chinese country, they are made available at countries with high needs for these devices.


Many other filtering facial pieces are at a disadvantaged position due to the number of counterfeits being produced. On the contrary, Chinese-produced masks called the KN95, is currently undergoing a facelift in authentication as the use of QR authentication codes are being infused in the production.

Final Thoughts

These KN95 masks are respiratory devices that are also relatively affordable and reusable for quite some time. The use of these masks is not restricted to health issues alone; they are also efficient during environmental havocs like pollution.