Parking lots are prone to vehicular accidents and crime. It is important to remember these risks when you use one. Just because you are off the road does not mean no mishaps can happen. And just because you are using a parking lot means you and your car are safe. Here is a list of parking lot safety tips that you should keep in mind every time you enter a parking lot.

Do not use your phone

Just because you are off the road does not mean it is safe to use your cell phone. Some drivers often make the mistake of using their phones to call or text someone they are meeting in the area. You have to remember that most states ban the use of cellphones while driving a vehicle. You should still focus on your immediate surroundings – especially if you are using a parking area that you are not familiar with.

Drive slowly

When entering a parking lot, always drive with caution. Watch out for other cars backing up to exit the lot or driving by looking for available space. Also, you should watch out for pedestrians who are looking for their cars or exiting them.

Park in a well-lit space

Evaluate the condition of the parking lot lights. Choose the brightest area in the lot. If the lot is generally dim, try to park near the entrances of the building. This is one tip you should keep in mind especially at night.

Be alert

As you walk through the parking lot, make sure that you stay alert. Do not use your phone or headphones. You may not be able to see or hear what is going on around you like vehicles approaching or suspicious people tailing you. A lot of pedestrians assume that the drivers can see them clearly – this is not the case when you are in a dark parking lot. In most instances, pedestrians see or hear the vehicle first before the driver can see them.

Walk with caution

You should walk in parking lots as if you are walking in the streets. Look both ways before crossing and always walk on the sidewalks. Walk in the parking lot aisles instead of going through the spaces in between vehicles as you make your way through the parking lot.

Avoid putting your vehicle on reverse

Most parking lot accidents happen when driving in reverse since it is hard to see what is behind your vehicle. Find a parking space that lets you drive forward when exiting instead. This allows you to exit with ease.

Keep your vehicle secured

Before you leave your car, make sure that all the windows are closed, all the doors are locked, and that your car keys are with you. If you have valuables in your vehicle, make sure that they are not visible through the windows. Try to hide bags and valuable items under your car seat or in the glove compartment.

With these tips in mind, you will definitely have a safer experience no matter what parking lot you use.