Since its inception, YouTube is one of the major online platforms which houses video content. With the number of channels currently on the platform, it would be difficult for a beginner YouTuber to make up their minds as regards choosing a niche. If as a beginner you have an idea of what you want to achieve on YouTube, you would neither be scared of competition nor getting as much as 200 dislikes on your videos. In this short guide, we will look at some of the ideas that you can hop on while looking to create a perfect YouTube channel.

Some YouTube channel ideas for a beginner

If you’ve been lost in ideas to take on s regards starting a vlog on YouTube, then hang in as we take through the top video ideas that you can try your hands on as a beginner:

1. Cooking

The first on our list today is cooking! Think about it; not everyone has an idea of how to make most meals. Every day, people scamper for new food recipes on the internet. The reason why creating a food video channel would always be better than every other source on the internet is the fact that people get to see what it looks like to make a meal that they’ve been wanting to learn about.

If you love cooking a lot, then this would be a great idea to try your hands on. You can teach how to bake, fry, or prepare a specific food from your culture.

2. Start a personal vlog

If you’re confused and can’t seem to find where to start from, deciding to talk about your personal life can be a great option. When going for this option, don’t let yourself get used to the impression that your life is a boring one. The truth is, most people tend to pick an interest and can easily get fascinated by the activities going on in another’s life. Try to disregard any suggestion that points towards you needing high-end equipment to become a vlogger. All you have to do is study your life and make a record of your daily movements, opinions, thoughts, etc; just like you do with a journal.

3. Product reviews

Most people always want to seek the opinion of a trusted person before purchasing a particular product. If you’re looking to start up a YouTube channel, you can begin by offering useful information to people who need it.

Different forms of product reviews include unboxing videos, product testing, instructional videos, etc. You can find out a good time to fill your processes. Also, ensure that you’re giving out only verified details to avoid misleading the public.

4. Travelling

If you love to travel a lot, you can make a living out of your hobby by vlogging about your travel experiences. This is something that you can easily blend in if you are into personal vlogging. What you have to do is; take a good camera with you while traveling and film the highlights of your journey – a lot of people would love to take a peek.


Vlogging on YouTube is worth it if you’re able to always come up with great content. However, you can only become consistent with content if you have a clear idea of what you want.