In the past few years, people have been pushing the boundaries of what their living space can be. Many new designs and themes continue to grace many real estate blogs and TV shows and with one design ever so different from the next, it might be difficult to interpret these trends and make them work for you. Well, to help you make sense of this madness, there are a few principles to keep in mind that cut across all modern home designs, and you’ll be learning them today. Trust me, once you can apply these principles, you’ll be able to create unique modern designs much more easily.

Top Principles to follow when choosing a modern home design


This is the most important characteristic of modern home design. This factor grew to this level of importance because people today tend towards removing themselves from unnecessary complexities. The home decor has to provide shelter and calm in a way that is uncluttered and stress-free.

Therefore, simplifying your interior design is a sure-fire way to make your home look modern. However, you shouldn’t mistake simple for boring! Actually, modern design features clean lines, muted colour schemes and geometric constructions that are anything but boring. So keep it simple, but have fun.


This principle ties into the first one effortlessly, however, it is more focused on how your living space can aid you in performing whatever tasks you set out to do in the most efficient way possible. Keep in it simple and removing clutter is imperative, but each room also needs to be optimized to fit its purpose in the best way possible.


Also following the previous principle, new technology should be incorporated into your modern homes’ design as much as is necessary. This would also mean that your devices and appliances should simply be scattered about with no pattern or rhythm to it. All modern tech should be placed strategically while optimizing space and function.

This would also mean considering safer and more efficient sources of power for your home. The easiest way to do this would be to include solar panels that would drastically reduce the energy bill while making your home even more modern. Of course, you would need batteries and an mppt charge regulator, so you have to figure out the most efficient way of housing these components.


Open spaces are mandatory in a modern home. However, most buildings do not offer that much floor space to begin with. Also, many apartments do not offer much access to outdoor spaces. So decluttering and placing your belongings in a functional manner would create more usable free space.

Also, allowing as much natural light into the room helps give it an open feel. You can also bring the outdoors in, with plants, artwork and furniture that give that natural vibe.

Lastly and most importantly, your space needs to have CHARACTER. Your living space should represent you more than anything. So find ways to communicate your personality in the colours, designs and artwork you choose. Even the furniture should easily convey your style to anyone who sees it. Always remember that it is your living space first, and so it should be suited to and comfortable for YOU.