As much as you might dislike watering the garden, you can’t do without it because plants often need water. This is where the stainless steel garden hose reel and other types of garden hose come in. It provides a more effective and efficient way of watering the garden.

It is not enough to just water the garden, you have to ensure that the watering is done properly. Hence the need to identify those mistakes people as regards Watering and how to avoid them.

Common Watering Mistakes in The Garden

1. Leaving The Hose Unattended to

Assuming you want to make a meal, do you turn on the gas and then go for a vacation right after? No, you can’t do that because it is not proper. Why then should you set the sprinkler to automatically come on every day at a certain time for several minutes?

This is a mistake some people make all year round no matter the season. Leaving your sprinkler system on when you are not there could result in a lot of damages. Always run your system only when you are there to look after it.

You can get a system with a built-in wet sensor. The purpose of this sensor is to indicate when it is raining or when the soil is too wet. After the indication has been made, the system stops supplying water to the plants.

Do not switch on your system when the garden is dormant. During the planting season, instead of watering the plants for 25 minutes every day, water them for 1hour two times every week.

This will allow for deeper and more detailed penetration of water.

2. Watering on a Hot Afternoon

This scenario is very similar to using Jack Daniel’s on weed because you want to kill them. Yes, it is a total waste of time, energy, and resources. When plants are watered on a hot afternoon, they evaporate almost immediately without reaching the deepest part of the plant.

The best time to water the garden is early in the morning before the sun comes up or late at night when the sun goes down.

3. Watering the Leaves Instead of the Roots

Here is another mistake that is quite common especially among newbies. When watering your garden, direct the nozzles to the root of plants.

If an area starts to look clogged, allow it for some time to drain before you continue watering. No matter how beautiful droplets of water look on the leaves, ignore the roots and focus on the roots.

4. Overwatering

Each time a plant begins to wilt, it doesn’t necessarily mean the plant is lacking water. Therefore, you should not keep logging your garden with water all the time. Remember excess water can kill a plant faster than lack of water does.

When planting, ensure that plants with similar water needs are placed together. This is to ensure that you won’t be drowning some in water and starving others. During the dry season, it is ok to allow warm-season grasses to go brown because, on the first rain, they all green up again.


Carelessness can lead to the destruction of plants in the garden. That is why you must remain careful when carrying out gardening activities, especially Watering.