Giving a touch of new trends in modern bathrooms is not a choice but a necessity. After all, it is the place where you spend most of the time in a day. From washing your pet to the hot showers, you probably do all in this place.

So, it is worth making this place functional with a touch of style. While making your bathroom functional and trendy, you should know the latest trends in bathrooms.

Here we’ve compiled some of the latest trends suggested by designers. These are worth your attention. We hope it’ll help you decide how to renovate or upgrade your favourite place.

Latest Trending Bathroom Designs

Blend of Black and Grey

Grey is the most sophisticated colour that you can try in the bathroom. Besides, people are moving to darker styles this season. Well, guess what? The combination of black and grey is now leading the latest trends in bathrooms.

You can try a blend of black and grey in your bathroom. Use black for faucets, fixtures, bathroom vanity Bunnings, mirror frame, etc. Conversely, choose grey for walls, tiles, and other decors.

Statement Wallpaper

There was a time when wallpapers were the top choice for home and bathroom walls. The trend is back. People now using statement wallpapers instead of painting walls. You can try a graphic point with a range of contrast. It instantly changes the look at a minimum cost.

Vintage Look with Brass and Gold

The era of vintage designs is back and better than ever. A shade of brass and gold all over the bathroom give it a vintage look. You can try it in everything, including sinks, toilets, plumbing fixtures, hardware, mirror, and so on.


Try Industrial Style

The glam and chic bathroom are on their way out. The popularity of industrial bathrooms is increasing. Industrial style means all-metal finish, funky tile pattern, and wooden accents. You can try matte black fixtures, pops of colour, and brass or gold accents to modernize the industrial look. The industrial-styled trend is best for small apartments.

Try Wet Room

To give your bathroom a touch of splendour, consider trying a wet room style. A wet room is a waterproof bathroom, a shower area, and the rest of the floor at the same level. The shower area is separate from a glass door.

Wood Accents

You’ll be glad to know that trendier wooden accents are back again. You can try different shades of woods along with white, green, blue, or darker tones. Use wooden vanity, garden stool, or even more furniture.

Pops of Color

According to designers, a colourful bathroom can spice up your life. With that in mind, you can try colourful walls, fixtures, and accessories in your bathroom. Keep a blend of light and dark. You can choose the colours that can set various moods.


The bathroom is a real workhorse in any house. So, you should keep it updated with the latest trends in bathrooms. It is essential for bringing back life to our boring lifestyle.