Lockets are jewelry pieces that you can personalize to fit the wearer and have a special meaning. To get custom-made locket necklaces, check out personalisierte kette. They are mainly pendants on a chain, designed to open in a way that allows you to put something dear inside. They are good gift ideas to give your friends and loved ones and for personal use. We expound on the uses of locket necklaces and the occasion you can use them down below.

What are The Uses of Locket Necklaces?

Lockets can be used to carry or store several items, depending on your preference. Mostly, the things have some form of meaning or sentimental value. The lockets significance tends to differ according to its use or the item it holds. They are used for the following;

1. Hold an Item Close to Your Heart

Most locket necklaces are heart-shaped, mimicking the heart and symbolizing love. Whatever keepsake you place inside, it will hang close to you. It may be a photo of someone who passed away, and you want to feel them by your side always. It can be that of your significant other and them being next to your heart is a way of showing how much you cherish their presence.

2. Hold Something Essential

Placing an item that’s important in the locket keeps it safe, and you know where to find it all the time. A paper with a special prayer is folded and put inside or engraved within the locket. The fact that you can open the locket and read the prayer wherever you are is excellent.

3. Hold Practical Things

A wearer can put an everyday item like perfume, medicine, or oil diffuser inside and still have a beautiful neckpiece, as long as the locket isn’t clear. People suffering from conditions that need frequent medicating carry their drugs around the neck to use them when necessary. Perfume squares give off pleasant scents to help you smell nice throughout the day.

Occasions That Are Perfect for The Use of Locket Necklaces

There are so many occasions where this type of jewelry signifies value and love. When gifting locket necklaces in events, they project different meanings based on the current happenings. Examples include;

1. Anniversaries and Birthdays

These jewelry pieces make great gifts. For the anniversary, e.g., a wedding, choose to include a photo of the couple and maybe the celebration date. In most cases, the lady tends to wear the necklace, but both parties understand its meaning. Choose colors like gold to mark the 1st anniversary or silver to signify the 25th year. For birthdays, have the chain themed around the even for easier remembrance of when you gifted it.

2. Funerals

Losing a loved one hurts, and it feels like a part of them has been taken away to others. A locket chain having a picture of the departed person shows you honor their memory and sympathize with the recipient.

3. Bidding Farewell

When one family member is relocating or studying abroad, everyone misses them, and they miss home too. You can engrave a photo of the family or family home in a locket, and they get to wear it on a chain to show the family is permanently close to them.

Bottom Line

Locket necklaces are stylish and trendy, whether sentimental or not. The various types give you many options to choose from, and all vary in prices. Personalization is open to anyone, but plain locket chains are beautiful regarding the metal and color used.