Automobile technology is a big industry working in many fields of life. The growth of this industry depends upon back-to-back innovations. The industry not only focuses on main products but also innovates the techniques and technology we use to maintain the automobile system. A car lift jack is an innovative technique that makes auto-mobile handling convenient.

What Is A Hydraulic Car Lift Jack

A hydraulic car lift jack falls under the category of a mechanical tool. This tool is used to lift a heavy objects. This tool makes it easy to lift a heavy automobile above the ground and perform mechanical operations underneath. These tools are portable, and you can carry them anywhere in your car, so it is easy to lift the car in case of any emergency.

How Does A Hydraulic Jack Work

The hydraulic jack is is a machine that works by the involvement of a hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder produces pressure that helps to lift heavy loads in the industry and other mechanical areas. Multiple types of cylinders are used in manufacturing a hydraulic jack. Here you go with the list for these cylinders.

  • Single Acting Cylinder – ESR Series
  • Double Acting Cylinder – EDR Series
  • Aluminum Cylinder – ESRA Series
  • Jig/Compact Cylinder – ELPR/ ECPR Series

Each of these cylinders offers a specific weight range. You can use a Jig/Compact cylinder for the heaviest objects, while a single acting cylinder is designed to carry a low load. These cylinders convert the small force into a high force.

Benefits Of The Hydraulic Car Jack

The hydraulic car jack is a device used to carry weight, but it has multiple benefits. Here you go with the key benefits of the hydraulic car jack.

  • These power jacks come with extra high power. This feature helps them to carry heavier vehicles with more ease and comfort.
  • The jack is quite faster as compared to the normal jacks. You can easily pull the vehicle in no time.
  • The hydraulic jack comes with an automatic tension adjustment. This tension adjustment prevents overloading and any breakage, making it easy to carry heavy parts like an engine.
  • The hydraulic jacks are space efficient. They take up very less space as compared to manual jacks.
  • The hydraulic jacks are safe to use, which makes the working space secure.

How To Use A Hydraulic Lifting Jack

Using a hydraulic lifting jack is not a hard job. It can be operated very easily. The jack runs on electricity and has an automatic operation system. It runs on the computer. You can control the whole operation of a jack using the buttons. Just park your car on the jack and operate it to do the mechanical job. There are also manual jacks in the market that can be operated by pushing with hand.


Cars are used daily, and you keep using them around the clock. This makes it important to know how to do basic mechanical tasks and keep basic tools like jacks in your bag pack. If you are looking for a jack, do not forget to see for wholesale prices.