Garden hose reels can be very expensive to acquire. The cost usually differs depending on the type and brand. Retractable garden hose reels some of the most costly types of garden hose reels. However, you can acquire the products from online stores offering discounts. For instance, currently offers up to 20 dollars less on their best retractable garden hose reels. Go now to the website and check out their discounts. After purchasing the garden hose reel, you must learn how to maintain it. For this reason, in this write-up, we discuss retractable garden hose reel maintenance.

Tips for maintaining your retractable garden hose reel

Retractable garden hose reels can be expensive to acquire. Therefore, you need your product to last for as long as possible. The durability of your retractable garden hose reel significantly depends on how you maintain it. Bow are some maintenance tips that would come in handy;

1. Remove all water from the hose before storing it

First thing you should do to maintain your garden hose reel is to ensure no water in the hose before storage. Doing this is important as it avoids damages that could occur if the water trapped in the hose froze. Freezing of the water trapped inside the garden hose could severely damage the entire setup (the reel and the hose). Most garden hose reels come with a trigger gun mechanism that helps eliminate all the water from the hose before storage.

2. Install the hose reel in a protected area

Note that when you mount your retractable garden hose reel, you will not be taking it down at any time unless if it is to replace it with a new one. This means that the product will be exposed to a wide range of conditions. Therefore, it would help if you installed the reel in a shared area. Doing this will protect it from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It will, therefore, help significantly with the maintenance of the product. Installing your retractable garden hose reel in a shared area also means that you do not have to worry about unmounting your reel when too cold.

3. Set up the hose reel at a low height

Another important tip for maintaining your garden hose reel is storing it at a low position. This will eliminate the extra weight of the reel on the spring mechanism. By doing so, the reel will not suffer issues like failure to retract properly. This means that, in addition to maintaining the product, it will also help improve its performance.

4. Ensure to set up the hose reel on an even surface

Setting up the retractable garden hose reel on an even surface will also help maintain it. Installation on an uneven surface distorts the frame hence causing poor retraction. It does this by preventing binds on the support shaft.


The tips mentioned above will help enhance the durability of your retractable garden hose reel. It will do the same for your garden hose. For instance, it will prevent leaks and other significant damages to your garden hose. Therefore, you must be keen on the tips above and more for maintaining your product.