Over the years, several hair techniques have emerged, and wigs, weaves, extensions, and hair bundles are some of them. Wigs for women are real human hair or synthetic. Some human hair wigs have closures that give a different look from the usual frontals and full lace wigs. Lace closures are used to close off an installation such that you don’t see the starting point. In this write-up, we discuss tips for maintaining human hair wig closures.

Tips for caring for human hair wig closures for women

As human hair wigs, lace closures are expensive. They are high-quality pieces hence the price and come in varying textures to match your hair. Maintaining them well helps keep them intact and in good condition since they are delicate. Some of these tips include;

1. Handle them with care

Lace closures are very delicate and are easily damaged if mishandled. They are quite different from other hair extensions or wigs. The lace has tiny holes where the hair strands are sewn into or secured with an adhesive, so forceful combing or brushing causes them to come out or break. When washing, do it gently and use your fingers to brush through or a soft comb. Avoid scratching but if necessary, do it slowly.

2. Gently comb or brush the lace closure

Lace closures are installed and removed when needed, meaning they are not a permanent part of your head. When brushing, have your hand on your head to hold the closure and to stop any tagging. Brush from the roots without digging into the lace and move outwards to the tips to remove knots and tangles.

3. Minimize heat usage

Too much heat isn’t good for any wig. Subjecting lace closures to excessive heat makes the hair strands weak and generally damages the closure. Wanting to curl or straighten the hair using a flat or curling iron is okay. However, use it once in a while to keep the hair looking good. Opt for styling ways that don’t need heat, like the use of rollers. Wash the closure and when still wet, put on the rollers and leave them overnight.

4. Use genuine products on the closure

The market is full of hair products, each with information about their good for your hair. You need good hair products to keep your hair moisturized and lustrous. Some hair sprays and oils are fake and only damage your closure when used. They dehydrate the hair and make it dull-looking. Buy any hair products from well-known and trustable stores that sell genuine items. Any high-quality hair item tends to be pricey than others; however, choose what works best as long as it’s good for the lace closure.

Bottom Line

Proper and regular lace closure maintenance is necessary to keep it beautiful. The tips above are important, and any other can be added provided it is beneficial for the closure. Use genuine products to avoid any damages.