Different hairstyles have emerged over the years and with some becoming more popular than others. Most women go for hair extensions, weaves, hair bundles, or wigs with a hd lace closure or frontal. Several techniques for wearing or installing such hair has come up, giving women different looks and style. Lace closures are common and are necessary for closing or covering an installation. In this article, we delve into tips for caring for your lace closure.

Tips on How to Care for Your Lace Closure

Lace closures are pricey and delicate; hence proper care must be given to extend their life span. Below are tips to ensure the correct maintenance is provided.

1. Be Gentle While Handling It

There is a distinct difference between lace closures and other hair wigs or extensions. How they are constructed also differs, and the possibility of you ruining it if not handled well is high. The hair attached to it can quickly come off if brushed forcefully or pulled. Wash gently and brush through carefully when wet to prevent the strands of hair from breaking. Avoid vigorous scratching and pat your head lightly when itching. The hair is usually secured individually on the closure by an adhesive so handling it with care is vital.

2. Avoid Too Much Heat

Excessive heat damages the lace closure resulting in breakage and weak strands. Lace closure styling is important. Most people use a flat iron or curling iron to form curls to keep the hair straight; however, too much of it is dangerous. Frequent use of heat on the closure is not advisable. Look for other ways of styling that do not require heat, like using rollers o keep the closure in good condition.

3. Brush or Comb Gently

When brushing your closure, always remember that it’s not permanently attached to your scalp. Place your hand on your head and press down to avoid pulling or tugging. Start combing from the roots outwards to remove tangles and maintain the hairstyle.

4. Apply Genuine Hair Products

Good hair products are necessary to keep the hair in its original state. Hair oils and sprays prevent dryness and give the closure a perfect shine. When buying any product, ensure it’s genuine and from a trustable dealer or shop. Some products do not function as they are advertised, while others ruin the hair. High-quality oils tend to be expensive; however, don’t risk ruining your lace closure with cheap, low-quality products.

5. Proper Care Before Sleeping

Brush your hair gently, then tie a headscarf or net to keep the style in place. Avoid sleeping with dump or wet hair since it’s delicate and can break easily.


Keep your lace closure looking good by maintaining it properly. Regular maintenance helps you adapt to the process, and it becomes easy with time. Apply good hair products while at home or involve a stylist to help you through the process.