What if you could easily recover all the data you backed up with your iPod, iPhone or even iPad to any device of your choosing? That would be nothing short of spectacular and extremely relieving. In such moments, you could almost literally feel the weight being lifted off of your shoulders. If any of your Apple products were to be lost or damaged beyond repair, do not fret. It might even happen that you lost some essential info while updating your iOS. All hope is not yet lost. The iPhone backup extractor was designed to be of help in such seemingly hopeless situations. You do not have to be bothered about immediately purchasing a similar product to retrieve your data as soon as possible.  You can recover and extract stored information from iTunes Backup right now. How is this possible?

Extracting Lost iPhone Info From iTunes Backup

This is a pretty straightforward and easy process. This process does not require you to do much more than sitting and running a suitable application. this application then serves to recover all the data and information you must have stored or backed up to your iTunes account. This means that if you lose your phone now, in less than an hour or two you can get back your iTunes data.

The range of this service is not just limited to music alone. You could also recover photos, videos, documents and many more. In that case, it would seem as though you did not lose anything. This is, of course, possible only in the scenario where that phone was backed up before it was lost, changed or severely damaged beyond repair.

5 Easy Steps to Recover your Information from iTunes Backup

Now that we know how it works or the trick behind the process, let us move forward. Let us discover how to make use of this wonderful service option. It is not rocket science and can be divided into four key steps. They are:

A. Extract the saved data from iTunes backup on your system. This app allows you to select any data which was previously backed up and extract. Messages, calendar dates and many more can be saved in various formats as well.

B. Next, recover lost or deleted information from the baked up bunch.

C. The next step is to restore the recovered information from iTunes back up into your new iDevice directly. So your new device becomes a remodel of your old one.

D. You could then proceed to retrieve other iTunes data from iTunes Backup directly. However, you would need your password used to back up the data to retrieve it.

E. Finally, you run a scan to extract all iTunes backup files present on the system. This brings everything back to your mobile phone. This step is especially of use if you need to restore all stored data. But if you need something specific, you could skip this step.


The extraction, recovery and restoration of data from iTunes Backup have all been made easier. So whether you choose to continue using iDevices or not, your information from iTunes backup remains safe. Most importantly, it remains just a single app away.