The last thing you want with your laptop is the battery running out in the middle of your research or even your favorite series movie. Unfortunately, like all batteries, your laptop battery will not forever hold the charge. In fact, at some point, it will slowly stop to hold the charge entirely.

Therefore, you’ll be required to replace the battery – that’s where it gets a little interesting.

The fact that it can take some years to get that point of not holding the charge, eventually, it will surely come, and you’ll need to be at the top of your game to get the best battery. As a rule of thumb, it’s always recommended that no matter how good the battery may seem, it’s better to replace the battery with another from the exact brand of your laptop. For instance, HP EliteBook x360 1030 G2 Battery is suited for the given brand.

Here’re some of the things that you can consider to find out the type of battery that your laptop requires;

PC Maker

Whenever you’re looking for a battery replacement, ensure that you first turn to your PC maker. It’s the best option to consider as other brands’ batteries can sometimes void warranties or cannot be rigorously tested.

Sometimes batteries can explode, and it’s even worse when you use a battery from a different brand. Therefore, you should ensure that you check your PC maker’s website for a replacement to order the correct battery as well to ensure that you don’t get a replacement, which has been recalled.

Know Your Battery

There’s no way that you can replace your laptop battery if you don’t know its specifications. Therefore, the easiest method that you can use to determine your battery is to simply turn off and then unplug the laptop and then manually remove the battery and take a look.

Most laptop batteries come with printed information that includes the type of battery, the model number, the part number, c charging current, and its voltage. You should order a replacement with similar specifications.


In case you find that the battery is not labeled, or you can’t read the provided information, then you can consider a third-party utility to provide you with detailed battery information. Sometimes, you can use software like Notebook Hardware Control and BatteryCare to get your battery information.

Also, if your laptop is new but has problems with the battery, you can check to ascertain whether the battery has been recalled. Some software can help you check if the battery has been recalled so that you don’t have to get the battery out to have a look at it manually.

In case you find out that the battery is on the recalled list, then you’ll have to contact your PC maker for a free replacement sooner. Therefore, before buying a battery, you should ensure that it’s not recalled, and you should avoid it as much as possible, and only use it when absolutely necessary.

A good laptop is as good as a good battery; therefore, if you want to continue enjoying using your laptop, ensure that you get the best battery that will last another few years.