Christmas trees are arguably a universal element when it comes to holiday decorating. Unfortunately, the number of folks opting for artificial Christmas trees over real ones has been on the rise in the recent past. This Artificial Christmas Tree Buying Guide can help you get the right one.

But it does make sense why the numbers are rising; first, fresh trees cost a fortune every year, and they require high levels of care to ensure they’re fresh over the entire holiday season. Secondly, everyone almost hates the needle cleanup once January rolls around.

Therefore, it’s a no brainer why you should look for an artificial Christmas tree that will equally serve the purpose with little hassle. Moreover, they’re clean, and you can pack them away for a whole year for next winter.

But how will you tell the best artificial Christmas tree?

The Shape

You have to think about the shape of the Christmas tree as not all will have the familiar cone shape. In fact, some are narrow, and others come with a “fluffy” appearance. Others could even be spherical or round.

It all comes down to preference and the manner in which you want the tree to fit your space, and the overall decorating scheme.


As much as you may want your artificial Christmas tree to fit into your space, it must be the right size. There are a plethora of sizes when it comes to artificial trees, meaning you must be aware of the right size that you want.

Therefore, you must consider your space that you’ll willing to use it. Moreover, you need to consider the setup of the tree. For instance, bigger trees are usually harder to manage, move, or even store. Also, setting it up or decorating it will take a relatively high amount of time.


Perhaps you may not want the ordeal of decorating your tree. Therefore, you might want to consider a pre-decorated tree. However, you should be aware that pre-decorated Christmas trees offer less in terms of customization, meaning you might not have the freedom of arranging them the manner you want.

In terms of lighting, pre-lit trees are often flexible, particularly with the white lights, as they can almost match any décor.

Color and Material

You should also consider the material. Most trees are made from polyethylene or PVC, and the color of trees from the former usually fades over time compared with the latter. Also, PVC is ideal as its fire-resistant, although polyethylene trees look more realistic. Therefore, it’s all about your preferences and safety.

Branch Types

Artificial Christmas tree branches are either hooked or hinged. For hinged branches, they’re attached permanently, but during storage, you can easily fold them. On the other hand, hooked branches are only hooked on to the trunk, and you can remove them during storage.

Therefore, hinged branches are easy to handle, unlike hooked ones that may take a while to put up or even lose some in the process of attaching.

Stand Quality

As much as it may seem like not a concern, it literally makes the difference when it comes to the tree quality as well as its lifespan. You better prefer a metal stand than plastic to avoid falling over.