Several heat pumps have been installed in your home or businesses because you thought they were the most efficient methods to cool and heat your pools. If you made such a decision and consider how to use it in the best way to either save or get the best, here are tips and tricks that you may find helpful to take care of Aquark heat pumps.

Use it all time all year

If you usually switch your heat pump off for a period during the year to save on energy, you may need to rethink it again. High-performance heat pumps usually operate all year round, including on cold winters. Keeping the heat pump running prevents it from spoiling due to lack of usage.

Set the heat pump ones and for all

Unlike furnaces and boilers, heat pumps require a lot of energy to begin to run and reach a specific temperature. When you keep changing the setting on your heat pump frequently, chances are high you would be losing a lot of energy. As a result, you lose the efficiency of the heat pump.

Set a specific temperature for your comfort

Heat pumps keep measuring the temperature of your pool frequently. Maintaining a specific temperature on the heat pump will make your heat pump a massive save in energy consumption because the pump will not fluctuate from one temperature to another.

Place the heat pump in a designated area

Keeping the heat pump in a designated area will reduce competition for energy because of radioactive emissions. When two electronic machines are placed in one location close to one another, they would share one electromagnetic field, thus causing interference. Consequently, the machines would reduce in performance and fail in the long run. Keep the heat pump in a designated area to avoid congesting its electromagnetic field.

Keep your heat pump on all night

Electric heat pumps take a longer time to heat the pool water. When you switch off the pool heater at night, it will take a long time to reheat the water to the desired level. In contrast, a solar heater would take a shorter time to heat water. Considering the frequency at which you use your pool, you may switch the pump off or leave it on. If you use it frequently, it would be best to leave it on, unlike when you use it occasionally.

Avoid using the auto mode

Do not use the automatic feature when you can forget to turn it off. During winter, your heat pump may cool the water instead of heating it. The opposite may happen during summer. The heat pump may heat the water instead of cooling it.

Keep the surrounding area clean

Always make it a habit to remove shrubs and debris away from the heat pump. Failure to remove the debris and shrubs may cause blockages in the heat pump. The debris may be blown away by the wind and cause technical problems such as blocking vents in the heat pump.

Service the heat pump occasionally

Preventive maintenance is essential for your heat pump. Avoiding maintenance issues beforehand will allow you to find out significant problems before they become unmanageable.