Having a smart wall socket in every room of your house is one low-key and straightforward way of owning a smart home. It is also a very affordable way to start off a smart home automation system.

A smart wall socket comes with many benefits that give you a whole new level of convenience. Here are just some of the significant benefits that you can get:

Remote control

You can use the app that comes with the smart plug to control any device plugged into the smart wall socket remotely. This is great when you are the type who forgets to turn off or unplug appliances after using them. You could use the app to check remotely if you left them on. If you do, there is no need to go back home and worry about a fire starting – you can turn the power off through the app.

Appear at home even when you’re away

Burglars often check if a house is empty before they start doing their crime. A dark house is definitely one of the most prominent signs of an empty house. You can prevent burglaries by making it appear that your home, even when you’re not, by automatically turning on the lights and appliances in your home. This is very useful if you work late nights or if you are on vacation.

Prevent overconsumption of power

One thing that contributes to your high electric bill is the overconsumption of power – also known as phantom load and vampire draw. This refers to the energy that your device still uses even when it is turned off. With a smart wall socket uk, you can easily prevent this from happening since it can cut off your power source.

Monitor power consumption

The app that comes with the smart plug allows you to monitor your power consumption on your smartphone. You can schedule your energy use easily. You can even be notified when a device is eating up an unusual amount of energy.

How to choose the best smart wall socket

When purchasing a smart wall outlet for your home, here are the factors that you should consider:

Ease of use

Generally, all smart wall outlets are easy to use. Under this category, you should get something that has a quick setup. Voice command is a bonus as well.


Power consumption is a significant factor when it comes to wall sockets. You should get one that allows you total power control. Power consumption monitoring is also beneficial.


Is the smart wall socket compact and portable? This could be useful when you can not afford to have one for every room in the house.


Can you plug in multiple devices or create a different home network? Having these factors give you more control.

Now that you know the significant benefits of owning a smart wall socket and the factors that you need to consider when you purchase one, we are confident that you will be able to find a product that can suit your needs.