Why do you think people opt for the home theater DIY subwoofer kit? The reason for using a do-it-yourself subwoofer is obvious. The range of human hearing is from 20hz up to 20000hz. If you love watching movies, the soundtrack of a movie can range up to 10hz. That is below the average human range of hearing.

To reproduce the soundtrack for it to be heard and enjoyed, you need subwoofers to reproduce the accurate hearing range. While many speakers play down to a hearing range of 40hz, a subwoofer does the job of reproducing the lowest frequencies.

With a home theatre, your DIY subwoofer can give you that sound production that only cinemas can offer you. Before you think of building your subwoofer, you should know a few facts about the gadget. Here are some of the things to know about using a sub.

How to select the tune, size, and components of subwoofers?

You should consider the size restraints, your budget, and the type of design you need. Sometimes, the decision to build a subwoofer depends on the size you desire. For those with large space, they can build any size they want.

We recommend you go for the largest driver your sub can accommodate. With a large driver, you require less power to get its required output. The closer you push your driver to reach its maximum output, you will receive more distortion and poor sound quality.

The size of your subwoofer dictates the driver’s size you can use. Before you conclude the size of driver you need, ensure the subwoofer space is enough to carry it.

The amplifier of home theater DIY subwoofer kit

We have different types of amplifiers for building a subwoofer. The design of your sub should determine the type of amplifier you need. You can make use of a plate amplifier to build a ported design.

Some amplifiers come with a box, and they are built into the enclosure of the sub. However, they are not as great as the power amplifiers. This type of amp makes no noise because they are fanless. 

Can Large Subwoofers Reproduce Infrasonic Bass?

For those building large and powerful subwoofer, it can replicate frequencies below 20hz. For this to work, you need large drivers and a lot of power because of the damping of air. The air moved at low frequencies from this type of amp is called infrasonic. The infrasonic bass makes watching movies more exciting.

Can Subwoofer Produce Loud Sounds that Affect Animals or Humans?

When it comes to home theater DIY subwoofer, many people consider the type of sound the gadget produces. The sound produced by home theatres and reproduced by subwoofers can be blasting. If you can calibrate the two gadgets correctly, you have a balanced and correct sound. The overly or boomy loud sound is eliminated, too.

You have nothing to worry about annoying sound from your DIY subwoofer and home theatre if you can control the sound.