Ever been a fan of the movie characters carrying lockets having a precious thing hidden in it? Well, we bring the idea to life by providing you with customized photo locket necklaces¬†having the picture of those who are precious to you and close to your heart. Each necklace is not only a piece of jewellery but a masterpiece created for you with love. Let’s see what else the collection offers:

What’s unique in this range:

Like every other photo locket, you can get a beautifully shaped pendant attached to a chain having your favourite picture in it. But what distinguishes this collection from others is the advantage that you can not only choose among a huge variety of styles with the option to get each of it in Gold, Silver and copper colour. You can also get the additional gold plating on it to make your memories and pictures worth it.

Features of the Locket:

These cool, classy, and the most fashionable photo locket necklaces

Fancy but Durable:

Each locket necklace is designed in an elegant style and crafted to be the most stylish and classy thing you can owe. Some of these lockets are so delicate to weigh as light as 5.5 grams. But that doesn’t imply we compromise on the strength of the lockets; preferably, they are made of sterling steel, an alloy made especially for jewellery strong enough to hold your memory for a lifetime.

Different Style with the same length:

Although there are hundreds of styles and designs that you can choose your locket from but all of them at the end have a standard length of 40cm+3cm+3cm+3cm to object precisely alike.

Styles and Colours:

These fashionable lockets come in many stunning shapes, including heart, round, family tree, and tag photo. Also, you can get these lockets in the form of a square and round miniature photo frames. In order to match your taste further, you can get your favourite necklace customized in Golden, Silver, and Rose Gold Colour.

You can also get these lockets studded with elegant Gemstones, including zircons, and plated with gold to initiate your style to the next level.

Unisex Jewellery:

Designed with a modish look, every photo locket necklace is made for a reason, and you can engrave your names, quotes, and dates, and events on the top or bottom of the necklace with the moment captured inside to make a beautiful gift for the special her.

And guess what you can get these lockets customized online just by uploading your favourite picture and editing it as you want it to be pasted or engraved on the locket.


So why not capture a moment, a person, and carry it along with you in the shape of these beautiful photo locket necklaces. The locket price is too low in contrast to the smile it brings on your face every time you look at it. So, don’t waste your time and the collection to grab the necklace of your choice and get it customized the way you want to.