Electric motorcycles are making their way to the world markets sooner than we have thought in the past. Although the initial cost is a bit higher at the moment, the operational cost is way lower as compared to the petrol-driven vehicles. Many specialist electric motorbike companies have captured the markets and are producing top quality vehicles. A lot of beautiful designs are waiting in the storerooms and many models are in the production lines to hit the markets. Some electric scooters such as Horwin EK3 electric scooter have already hit the market and they are up for sales.

The torque

The most important factor for bike riders is speed. If they are riding an electric motorcycle and it is not fast, they will not ride it the second time. Luckily, most electric motorcycles are tremendously fast. An electric motorcycle possesses a torque that gives it rapid acceleration. The only drawback to electric motorcycles is that the delivery of power is linear. You will not have a surge like feeling that you get from a petrol bike.


If you are an environment enthusiast, you will love the idea of reduced emissions that these electric motorbikes offer. There is no smoke belching out of the bike. Electric motorcycles are highly useful for riding in the city as well because of the way it keeps the environment safer and cleaner.

No sound

The best part about an electric motorcycle is that it is hardly noticeable when it is running. The sound is just negligible. While petrol motorcycles roar on the road, electric motorcycles pass on almost without noise. If you are one of the people who find the roaring sound of a bike anti-social, you will love to ride an electric motorcycle. Similarly, small talk with your fellow rider was just a dream during the period of petrol-bikes. The noise is so minute that you hardly notice it. Moreover, if you want to go out of the city to feel nature, the sound will not bother you at all. Some people argue that electric motorcycles are dangerous because people can’t hear them while they are coming. However, this is not a valid argument because a rider always honks a horn and, also, the passersby or other riders can always see them coming.

City riding

If you have a job in the city, you will love to ride an electric motorbike. Not only it will help you keep the environment clean and green but it also will keep you clean of oil stains which you may occasionally collect from petrol motorbikes. Riding in the city also extends your electric motorcycles’ range because you can get it recharged at a different point and also you can charge by regenerative braking method.

Electric motorcycles are lightweight and are extremely aerodynamic in design, which also has added to the popularity of these bikes. Times are changing and you should keep up with the pace of time to reap the benefits of new technologies. Electric motorcycles are preparing the grounds to compete with traditional motorcycles. Time will tell when will they be able to prove their mettle?