Washing machines are a tribute to human engineering. They’ve been a testament to how well humans can use technology to make life more convenient. A machine a laver pas cher can single-handedly support most of the household’s domestic needs by taking care of the laundry. However, its functions come at a cost.

Washing machines can’t operate non-stop. As with all electronics, they do need a bit of regular maintenance. It becomes imperative to maintain a washing machine, as it is a product that comes in contact with a lot of water (as we all know, electronics and water don’t mix). Below are some tips to help you keep a cleaning and maintenance routine for your washing machine.

  1. Check the Water Hoses

Washing machines have water hoses that deliver water during operations. It is essential to keep a keen eye on these components to avoid leakages or water damage. It would help if you checked for leaks in the hoses, especially around their ends, and replace them once you find a crack, bulge, or fray.

Also, you would need to change water hoses every three to five-year intervals as a form of predictive maintenance.

  1. Maintain a Flat Level

A washing machine requires a level ground when in operation. It is to prevent any movements during a cycle. One way to get a flat level on the floor is to turn the legs in a clockwise motion to lower the machine and raising it by turning counterclockwise. Alternatively, you can set the washing machine on a wooden or plastic pellet.

  1. Regularly Wash the Washing Machine

Due to some inexplicable reasons, manufacturers use hard plastic in making washing machines. The material notoriously collects grime and dirt over a long period, and you would need to wash before they become a problem regularly.

Rinse out leftover soap in the primary bucket. We recommend using washing machine cleaners sold in stores or a simple water solution, baking soda, and vinegar.

  1. Clear out the Lint Filter

The lint filter is present in most modern washing machines. In some models, the lint filter is around the agitator tubes in the middle of the appliance. Others have their lint filter near their washtubs. It is essential to keep the lint filter unclogged to avoid a mechanical breakdown over time.

  1. Keep a Distance from other objects.

Don’t make the error of sitting your washing machine too close to the wall. It might cause the water hoses to break in places and general cleaning to be a lot more of a chore than is necessary. As a rule, try to keep no less than four inches between the machine and the nearest wall.


It is good practice to maintain and routinely clean an electronics product for optimum performance. Washing machines are a significant product for laundry management in a household, and the cost of one breaking down can be more profound. Manufacturers don’t adequately cover water damages, which is ironic for an appliance that often comes in contact with water.

Above are some steps to help you handle washing machine cleaning and maintenance more efficiently and prolong the appliance’s expected lifespan.