In many cases, locating a hot tub dealer can be equally overwhelming as it is exciting. There are numerous dealerships and hot tub models to choose from. You need to develop a clear mental picture of the benefits you expect to receive from your hot tub purchase. These include relaxation, balance, healing, wellness, socialization, or just a mix of all these. You can find a hot tub dealer that meets all your unique needs. Keep in mind that different hot tubs are designed to meet particular needs more than others. Let’s focus on the types of hot tub dealers available.

Types of hot tub dealers available

a. Manufacturers

These hot tub dealers usually have no pervasive retail presence and are mainly in the business of servicing tubs and deliveries.

b. Dealers and distributors

These hot tub dealers usually have existing brick-and-mortar locations that provide servicing, delivery, and inventorying.

c. Non-stock hot tub dealers

These hot tub dealers also have no retail presence but offer delivery and servicing, all within a roughly 70-mile radius.

Various hot tub dealers offer unique hot tub designs crafted for renewal, rejuvenation, or reconnection.

d. Reconnection hot tub dealers

These entrepreneurs focus on helping you reconnect with family and friends in spacious hot tubs. Thus they concentrate on more giant hot tubs designed to allow users to move around and interact with their friends and family comfortably. The tubs also feature minimal maintenance requirements and include exciting features such as music systems and advanced lighting options.

e. Renewal hot tub dealers

These specialists enable you to bring a sanctuary experience to your hot tub, where you can comfortably wind down after a taxing day. These private hot tub systems are also easy to maintain and are designed for quiet soak time. The tubs also feature comfortable designs combined with intuitive controls and ambiance, such as LED lighting, music systems, and water jets.

f. Rejuvenation hot tub dealers

An active lifestyle has become all too common in 2021. Hot tub dealers specializing in rejuvenation tubs offer accompanying designs for relief from sore muscles and stiff joints. These are mostly hydrotherapy tubs and are medium-sized and deep for full-body soaks. Combined with solid jets to provide a massage experience, these hot tub dealers can also set up adjustable controls to enable you to adjust the tub’s temperatures.

What to ask your hot tub dealer

Before finding a hot tub dealer to set up a hot tub for you, you need to ask them a few questions. These include how easy it is to operate the hot tub controls and establish your preferred settings. Here, the dealer will usually walk you through the rub’s control panel. In addition to this, you will need to find out about the various hot tub sizes and the accompanying water quality systems. Ideally, the best setup is stress-free and straightforward in operation. You might also need to know how quiet the water jets are when the tub is not in process. Many buyers like silence in their sanctuaries, and an excellent hot tub dealer will show you the tubs with quiet water circulation systems.


The best way to determine the best hot tub dealer for you is to understand how your new tub will elevate your home life. You can opt for tubs for reconnection, rejuvenation, or renewal and relaxation.