A lace front wig can be many things, from beautiful to long to full and attractive. It is the dream wig option for many women because of its beautiful nature. For any wig lover, a Lace front wig is the best deal. It is long and beautiful, and you have a lot of designs. But when you buy a Lace front wig, wearing it is another challenge you want to face. The main advantage of Lace front wigs is the Lace design at the front of the wig. The idea of the lace design is for this material to sit on your skin to synchronize. That is why most lace front wigs come with transparent lace material. That way, the lace will readily adopt the color of your hair. Also, sometimes some of the laces have a human skin color. Either way, the idea is for the lace to make the wig look natural.

However, the wig that is meant to make your hair look natural to your skin can be the one to look artificial if you do not use it properly. The manufacturers of these lace front wigs ensure they have enough lace material to cater to different head sizes. Therefore, the lace may be too much and protrude. It is your duty to cut and melt the lace properly to ensure it stays perfectly on your head. Usually, it is always better to have your stylist help cut and melt the lace front. But you can do it on your own if you have the proper process. Some of the methods you can follow include;

Put your wig in the proper position

If your lace front wig needs melting, you need to be very sure of the need. The best way to do this is to have the wig worn on a mannequin. There are two things you’re looking out for when your wig is in a position – the length of the lace and wear it starts. That way, you can be sure of the area you will need to melt.

Align your wig correctly

The lace on your lace front wig is essential in the wig. Therefore, you can not do without the lace. What you can do is to ensure the lace is too long. To do this, you need to wear the wig and align it correctly. Ensure you hold the wig properly so you can see it correctly.

Wrap a strip around your hairline for a while

There is a hair strip you can wrap around your head to know where you want to cut. While you see the lace on the wig, you can identify where you want to melt. Therefore, you place the wrap strip around the area. Leave the wrap strip for some minutes and remove it. When you remove it, there will be a clear line of where you need to cut and melt. Therefore you can easily remove the wig and trim the hairline with scissors. After, you can now add gel to the tip.