If you own a dog in your household, you need to practice routine grooming to keep healthy and happy. The type of grooming depends on the nature, breed, and appearance of the dog. Some digs will need haircuts occasionally, while others only require daily brushing. However, all dogs need nail trimming and a bath occasionally for physical maintenance.

It would be best to have different equipment to handle the business correctly when you intend to attend to your dog’s grooming needs. You also need to have the skills to ensure you are doing the grooming process correctly. The knewpets.com provides a couple of necessary pet supplies for your needs, including the grooming equipment you need for your dogs. The following is a comprehensive checklist of the equipment and tools you need to groom your dog.

Grooming table

It would be best to have a comfortable grooming table for your dogs to stand on when you are providing the grooming service. The grooming table surfaces differ, so you need to get a quality one depending on whether you will have quick or complicated grooming sessions. Consider other options for the grooming table, such as an area to hook your dog so that it stays in one place. The options you will likely find in the market include the static, hydraulic, and electric grooming table. The choice will depend on your situation as well as the budget.

Bathing station

A bath is an occasional grooming business, and therefore a bath station is necessary to make the job easy. The bath station should properly eliminate the debris and dirt from the dog’s coat. You can opt for a bathtub instead of the standard sink because it might eventually clog the drainage or damage the pipes. The bathtub should have a hose attachment for sprinkling the dog. Choose an appropriate tub weight of at least 250 pounds to accommodate the dog when bathing.

Shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo and conditioners are mandatory to ensure your dog is free from pests and other health issues. Ensure you check for the ingredients for the shampoo to ensure they are safe for your dog. The conditioner should have a great quality to prevent the dog from developing allergies that may affect its overall health. The conditioner also keeps your dog moisturized and shiny. Options like tear-free shampoo, natural shampoo, and medicated shampoo are the recommendations you should opt for.

Brushes and combs

Be careful with the brushes and combs you choose for your dog grooming job. Ensure you get brushes depending on the coat of the dog. Invest in soft brushes if your dog is hairy or a thicker brush for dogs with dense fur. Depending on the dog type, the options you will likely consider include bristle brushes, wire pin brushes, slicker brushes, flea combs, and curry combs. Ensure your choice of brush ad comb doesn’t hurt the dog.

Clippers and dental supplies


Some dogs will require haircuts, which calls for clippers to do the trimming correctly. If you are not a trained pet handler, you can opt for electric clippers to ensure the dog gets a fast, neat, and uniform haircut. It would help if you also had dental supplies to ensure the teeth are in good condition. Ensure you use only one brush per dog to avoid contamination.