Mac backup is one of the reasons why Mac devices are top-rated. This is one of the many features that Apple has put in place to make sure that their devices feature the most top-notch security. Most backup tools in the market are quite challenging to apprehend. But the mac backup tools do not have these issues. Regardless, the SweetBit’s guide to mac backup should come in handy;

Backing up your Mac with Time Machine

Time Machine is a backup tool that is built-into the MacOS. It is one of the backup tools offered by Mac. Unlike the other tool options, this tool is free. The tool is only available in version 10.5 of the macOS. Below is a guide on how to back up your Mac with this in-built tool;

The first thing you need to do is get a backup hard drive that is the same size as your machine’s internal drive. You can go the extra mile and get a larger one. Just make sure that it is not smaller. Once you have the right drive, you have to format it as a Mac macOS extended. This is the only way you will be able to use the drive for your backups. 

With the right hard drive, you can proceed to connect it to your Mac. You can do so through a USB, Thunderbolt, or a FireWire. The type of tool you use to connect the drive to your machine depends on the type of drive you are using. If you cannot use the connection methods mentioned above, you can use an Airport Extreme router or any network drive as a go-between your machine and the external hard drive. 

After connecting the hard drive to your Mac, you can proceed to turn on your machine. You will then need to select the backup disk. At this point, the Time Machine backup tool will give you the option of choosing encryption for your backups. 

You have the freedom to select and exclude the items you do not need to backup. After the selection process, the backup tool will backup your data onto the external hard drive. 

Why use the mac backup tool?

· Ease- one of the main advantages of using the mac backup tool is that it is very straightforward. The backup tool is designed to work automatically, and it should take a few minutes to complete. This means that you do not need an expert to help you with the process. 

· Cost-efficiency- another advantage is that you do not have to pay for the tool. The Time Machine comes with the device. However, there are also some tools that you have to pay a small amount for. Even then, the price is still quite fair. 

· Efficiency- the tool is also quite efficient because it will help you protect your data effortlessly. 


Before you embark on the backup process, you need to know about the types of backup. There are two categories of backup, each of which features different types. The first one is based on the destination, which features cloud, local, and cloud sync backup options. The second one is based on the pattern. It features full, continuous, incremental, and bootable clone backup options.